Uh I like anime, playing video games, and Yullen is ruining my life. avatar is art from Hoshino Katsura

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Anime Central 2014

Levi ☢ dersedreamer
Eren ☢ angryjaeger 
photo by sfliminality


Anime Central 2014

Levi  dersedreamer

Eren  angryjaeger 

photo by sfliminality

kaze wa tamashii o sarai, hito wa kokoro o ubau
daichi yo, amekaze yo, ten yo, hikari yo
koko ni subete o todomete

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D. Gray-Assassin´s Creed 8

So, imagine Kanda coming to Vatican as a merc who was hired to protect somebody from the “White Demon”.

He hears the bells sound the alarm - signalling that the said demon is approaching and just as he turns around, an assassin riding a horse passes him, heading for the victim….

You know what they do in anime - that romantic shit where the guy meets the girl´s eye for like a split of a second and everything just goes Slow Mo?  Yep… this is exactly that….

Also, I am lazy and it´s too tired so just search for the rest of the DGM/AC things in my art tag…


if u send me an ask complimenting me or telling me that u like my blog i will smile for like 38 hours straight

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Hey so IF we have a MUTUAL follow goin on, feel free to ask for my 

you know, anything you want

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Pixiv ID: 42897720Member: ねんまく


Pixiv ID: 42897720
Member: ねんまく