Uh I like anime, playing video games, and Yullen is ruining my life. avatar is art from Hoshino Katsura

thedawnslayer Yeah!! And I’ll probably be parading around in cosplay as well (Hopefully I can get started on Roxas soon).

thedawnslayer I don’t know, I’m usually nervous at first (whenever at an event like a con) because I don’t know what to expect but I usually get use to it and I’ll probably be all excited and end up enjoying everything.

thedawnslayer yeah I heard that there pretty awesome and this’ll be my first con (if I get to go) and I’m pretty excited and nervous about it but I’m glad it’s close to where I live

madoka magica - themed shirts on human

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Arg! I hate how I can’t reply to replies on mobile but to answer your question thedawnslayer its in Vancouver, Washington :D

I might be going to Kumoricon next year ahhh!!

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I wish I had someone to cosplay lavilena with (●´⌓`●)